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ROCKPORT POETRY is dedicated to maximizing appreciation for the spoken and written word. It promotes poetry by providing:

  • opportunities to speak your words to an appreciative audience

  • possibilities to print your words and make them more broadly available

  • chances to celebrate the spoken and written word by hosting our annual poetry festivals.


We look forward to hearing poets of any age from across the globe through their participation in our monthly open mics, posted copies of their poems, posted video readings of their work, as well as literary reviews and discussions about the craft.

Announcements of readings and book launches are encouraged. Please provide clear instructions and links to allow interested poets to participate.

Use the COMMUNITY page to follow and post announcements about poetry readings and literary news, your poems & video readings, your personal writer's journey, as well as crowd sourcing information.

Read the BLOG to hear the latest buzz about Rockport Poetry.

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