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Rockport Poetry Open Mic

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Rockport Poetry hopes to encourage the writing and reading of poetry as an actively supported art form in the Rockport, Cape Ann, North Shore community... and beyond

This will be a comfortable forum for connecting with kindred spirits, as well as sharing poems and ideas.

In addition will it also serve as a reference source for events and workshops and writer's resources.

Rockport Poetry is intended to be a safe space for the development of strong voices and poets of all ages and backgrounds.

Come to read your poems (or have others read them if you prefer). Or just visit to listen and enjoy a feast of words along with complimentary coffee, tea, and pastry.

NOTE: In the current times of Covid-19 we have been meeting virtually via ZOOM. You can view the posted invite by joining the group on the Rockport Poetry Facebook Page and/or receive an invite by joining our mailing list by sending your request to

As soon as it is healthy and safe to do so we will resume our live readings at

Brothers Brew, 125 Main Street, Rockport, Massachusetts.

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